The Greek island where the god of technology, Hephaestus, had his forge. This island is where all the great engineering feats from Greek mythology began.


Today, Lemnos Labs lives on in that tradition, the home for entrepreneurs who are ready to change the world. We want to be the first investor in your hardware startup.

Hardware startups require capital and hands-on expertise, so we blend the best elements of a seed stage firm and incubator. Most of the companies we invest in spend six to fifteen months in our rigorous program that builds your engineering, logistics, marketing, and go-to-market expertise. Lemnos startups have dedicated space and access to our workshop, deep connections to mentors, engineers, suppliers, contract manufacturers, and marketing resources, and most importantly, 24/7 access to the Lemnos partners.

At the end of our program, we anticipate that your startup will have made enough progress to raise a significant Series Seed or Series A venture capital investment, and we use our strong connections into the venture community to help make that happen. Our startups have raised over 190M in venture capital to date. You will leave Lemnos Labs with a product well engineered for manufacturing, a robust business model and go-to-market plan, plus the human and financial capital to confidently take the next steps in your company’s journey.Tea like you've never tasted before.

Because of the amount of time we spent with each of our portfolio companies, we only invest in 8-12 startups per year. We believe there’s no such thing as too early and it is rarely too late for Lemnos to invest in your startup. We’ve got a spot for the bright entrepreneur who is still exploring ideas and finding ideal co-founders. We often invest in the small founding team with an idea that will change a segment. And we invest in and work with more mature teams that have already raised capital yet understand that hardware is hard and want the best to help them succeed.

High quality. Low quantity. Rigorous program. Successful hardware startups that really are improving the world. That is Lemnos Labs. We are bringing Silicon back to the Valley.